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To Memoscope

\me mos ko’pe\verb. [From memoscopio]
1. To document nonviolence.
2.To study nonviolence through participatory action research.
3. To promote nonviolence through publications,  events, and digital media .
4. To carry out a collective act of memory and creation.


  • MEMOSCOPIO is a multidisciplinary  project that documents, studies, and promotes current experiences and experiments with nonviolence. Since it began in 2009, its goal has been to produce knowledge that is collectively owned, useful, and rooted in the experience of activists, artists, educators, and other individuals who engage in nonviolence. To this end, the Memoscopio team combines tools from social research, digital media, and the arts.
  • To learn more about the project and its various initiatives, I invite you to visit Also, be sure to follow Memoscopio on Facebook and Twitter at @MemoscopioNews.  For a quick introduction,  take a look the presentation featured below.


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